Scale efficiently and reduce decision risk with better information

Remove the manual speed bumps from your commodities operations – and harness the value of embedded AI


Intelligent applications are automating the trade lifecycle today

Intelligent applications are automating the trade lifecycle today

Are your data-intensive processes not standardized, not scalable, and not efficient? Is your key data sitting with the other paperwork at the bottom of an in-tray, just waiting for someone to process it?

That means you’re not getting the information you need, when you need it.

ClearDox® helps commodity-intensive businesses get better information and reduce decision risk by digitizing documentation and automating critical data-intensive processes.

ClearDox transforms your commodities operations, so you can benefit from automated workflows that are more efficient, better-quality digitized data for driving visibility and collaboration, and increased risk mitigation with more resilient processes.

Reduce your digital gaps and get the complete data picture across your trading, supply chain, and finance operations, including: 

Simplified data reconciliation for Letters of Credit
Enhanced straight-through processing for trade confirmations
Near real-time transparency on inventory movements

Our deep expertise in the commodity space means you get turnkey SaaS solutions for your most data-intensive processes — all built on a foundation of operational AI models specific to commodity trade lifecycle gaps and challenges. On this foundation, we’ve built intelligent applications covering your most vital back-office processes.

These intelligent applications are embedded into your current processes, with your current systems. The only thing you’ll notice is improvement.

“Using the ClearDox platform to process our invoices, bills of lading, trucking tickets, and other documentation has exceeded expectations. It is user-friendly, is accurate, and saves time. Every document is reconciled then automatically entered into our ETRM system and assigned to a specific transaction, completely eliminating manual entry. The platform has dramatically reduced our exposure to operational risk.”

Tim Cannon
Head of Operations, Freepoint Commodities

We’re unique in the space by offering turnkey SaaS solutions embedded with operational AI models specific to your commodity trade lifecycle gaps and challenges:

  • Intelligent applications tailored specifically to the most data-intensive commodities processes

  • Built on a cutting-edge AI platform that leverages the best of today’s automation and digitization technologies …

  • And that’s built, customized, and supported by a complete team of commodities industries experts with deep understanding of commodities back-office processes.

Simplified Marketecture

Learn how ClearDox transforms your data-intensive processes

Learn how ClearDox transformed the data-intensive processes at commodity industry leaders PBF Energy, Zen-Noh Grains and Metroplex Energy



Intelligently understand context and extract data while normalizing against our unique knowledge base of commodity terms.



Fully featured reconciliation automations combined with prebuilt integrations for CTRM, ETRM, and ERP applications.

Adaptive Workspace

Adaptive Workspace

Real-time insights embedded directly into a collaborative and decision-driven digital experience.

Gain efficiency and more accurate data across your entire operation

Navigating the complexities of cash management, scaling operations, and the constant quest for deeper analytics can be incredibly challenging. As CFOs strive to keep a firm grip on financial health, the balancing act between maintaining liquidity and investing in growth opportunities becomes increasingly difficult.

  • treasury-financeScaling: You need to ensure operational efficiencies that grow with you. That means crafting scalable processes that can adapt to changing business landscapes without compromising financial stability.

  • Analytics: You’re under pressure to deliver more sophisticated analytics. You need real-time financial insights and predictive analytics to make informed decisions.

  • Influence on Business Decisions: You need to contribute to strategic discussions that define the future direction of the company.

We streamline Letters of Credit (LOCs), bank remittance, renewable credits, and regulatory filings, and we optimize invoice processes for efficiency and compliance.

With ClearDox you have an easy, streamlined way to get real-time data to improve your cash flow and resource efficiency.

Traders need an acute understanding of market dynamics, an unwavering focus on risk management, and the agility to pivot strategies in response to market fluctuations.

Traders need to:

  • Trade Execution & ClearingNavigate Volatile Margins: You’re under pressure to optimize every trade to work within increasingly narrow margins.

  • Mitigate Trading Risk: It’s a constant battle against market volatility and the need for robust risk management strategies.

  • Accelerate Speed to Market: You’re expected to execute trades quickly to capitalize on market opportunities.

  • Ensure Compliance: Staying compliant with ever-evolving regulatory requirements is time-consuming and costly.

ClearDox streamlines your trading lifecycle. It digitizes and automates interactions across counterparties, traders and vendors, while increasing the data available for improved decision making.

With ClearDox, you have better control over margins and trading risk, better operational efficiency, and effortless compliance.

Operation leaders in the dynamic commodities sector face the unique challenge of optimizing operations to achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability, all while navigating the risks inherent in fluctuating markets.

Physical OperationsChallenges faced include:

  • Need for Quick Responsiveness: You’re charged with taking swift action and making decisions in a dynamic market environment.

  • Demand for Greater Visibility: Transparency across the entire supply chain is essential to make informed decisions, but also for seeing issues before they happen.

  • Maximizing Capital: You have to manage and streamline companies’ investments in inventory and the logistics around them.

ClearDox streamlines your physical operations and supply chain. It digitizes and automates BoL management for enhanced operations while facilitating accurate inventory reconciliation to minimize discrepancies and losses.

With ClearDox, you’re capable of quickly adapting to market changes and customer demands. Capital allocations are streamlined, and you have enhanced visibility and control over your entire supply chain.


Commodities leaders move faster with ClearDox

Irish Biofuels
Oriental Energy
PBF Energy
Square Point
Sumitomo Corporation

ClearDox makes your goals
easier to reach

Some exciting, “moonshot” use cases for generative AI are emerging within the commodities space, such as maintenance modeling for tankers and pipelines, or predictive scenario generation for agricultural production.

To fully unlock these kinds of analytical powers, however, commodities businesses need the complete data picture — which is a challenge when much of it is still in manual form:

“This preponderance of structured and unstructured data is ripe for exploration and analysis via gen AI and is proprietary enough to offer a specific advantage to companies that move to exploit it.”

– McKinsey, Beyond the hype: New opportunities for Gen AI in energy and materials

ClearDox and AI Intelligence

ClearDox makes your goals easier to reach

As businesses attempt to keep up with data requirements, skilled operational staff become bogged down with manual re-keying and reconciliation.

This is where process-specific, industry-specific applications of AI technology allow commodities businesses to augment their existing workforce.

"Simply stated, gen AI adds intelligence to any data, which can then be used to inform decision making — potentially reducing long processes to a single question — and it enables workers to gain previously unknown knowledge or capabilities.”

– McKinsey

Faster processes and better data in as little as 5 weeks

  1. Reach out and tell us about your needs.

  2. Work hand in hand with us during the integration as we make sure everything is set up for you.

  3. Enjoy faster, more accurate processes and data!