Operating at the new speed of normal in commodity trading

Industry challenge

The economic uncertainty and ongoing market volatility is quickening the pace of change in the commodities markets.

Therein lies the challenge, how to unlock the data and operational processes across your trading ecosystem — especially considering the diverse set of documents and trading partners involved to meet this challenge.

Streamlining today’s manual data entry and reconciliation is time-consuming, tedious, and costly for any organization. These inefficient processes also create organizational silos as different departments see different data. That leads to blind spots and breakdowns that create more problems down the line.

Achieving this goal while skills and resources are in short supply is fueling the need for greater digitization and AI-powered automation.

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"Ensure that the ... operating model balance[s] efficiency and agility to enable growth, especially in light of talent shortages."
– McKinsey & Company, The future of commodity trading

The path forward: Digital commodity solutions from ClearDox

ClearDox is simplifying the approach by packaging all of the capabilities required to be successful into prescriptive turnkey solutions.

Our unique offering includes the anonymized, pre-trained models of major trading counterparties and service providers, along with reconciliation automations and integrations to your critical systems. These solutions bring more immediate value to customers, while reducing ongoing management and maintenance.

Solution components

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Solutions across your key processes

Trading Inventory / Transportation Finance and Treasury Invoices


Broker Statements

Discharge Bill of Lading

Load Bill of Lading

Warehouse Receipts


Vessel Tracking


Letter of Credit

Bank Remittance

Renewable Credits

Regulatory Filings








Value of ClearDox vs. Build-your-own

Avoid consuming your team's valuable time educating generic technology vendors on the commodity-specific nuances of your business.

Instead, partner with ClearDox, who already has this knowledge — along with the digital solutions where commodity expertise is built in.

  • Includes industry-specific features not available in other technologies, resulting in a better fit for commodity trading companies that require specialized functionality.

  • Engineered for swift implementation, enabling organizations to realize the value of their investment more quickly.

  • Designed to be scalable, allowing companies to easily add new counterparties or service providers while quickly expanding across the organization as needed.

  • Easily integrated with existing systems, enhancing the value of current technology investments while improving overall system efficiency.

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