Intelligent co-pilot for trade confirms reconciliation

Use AI to eliminate manual tasks, improve data quality, and free up resources


Automated trade confirms reconciliation
Trade entry error rates can exceed 15%

Trade entry error rates can exceed 15%

Even one error on one contract can have massive impacts for your business. But with manual processes, errors are almost inevitable. Now, the commodities industry can use industry-tailored AI to intelligently extract data from confirms — and automate the reconciliation process at a scale unseen in the industry.
(Source: VAKT Customer Research)

Leading organizations are using AI to digitize and automate critical processes, separating themselves from their peers

Speeding insights out to the business


Faster close-to-report cycle

Single source of truth


More business performance reports from a central data repository

Resources focused on insights, not transactions


More finance FTEs focused on business analysis

Above are industry benchmarks from The Hackett Group, highlighting benefits of industry leaders versus peers.


Find out how ClearDox makes each step of the trade confirmation reconciliation process easier, faster, and more accurate


"We have an initiative underway to eliminate the lengthy, manual tasks around our long-form oil contracts. Additionally, due to the dramatic volume growth in our business, job satisfaction was also decreasing, which we needed to address. We are working with ClearDox to automate the three-way matching and reconciliation of these complex documents. This has allowed us to speed up the processing of the documents and just focus on exception handling, while also delivering greater data accuracy with a digital single source of truth. The implementation was minimally disturbing to our existing workflows, which accelerated adoption across the team."
Geetika Arora
Director, Head of North America Oil Contracts, Freepoint Commodities

Using AI to solve the complexity of automating long-form contract processing

Trusted single source of data | Digital scale | Intelligent efficiency

Operations dashboard
  • Single business user dashboard for all trade confirmation documents, activities, and communications.

  • Intuitive experience directing teams to trade discrepancies and other critical tasks.

  • Users can track which trades have been confirmed, which trades are in dispute, and which trades have not been acknowledged.

  • Integrated collaboration panel enables internal and external communication to simplify issue resolution.
Reconciliation automations
  • Automations that intelligently identify discrepancies between the counterparty paper, broker statement, and internal trading system streamlining three-way reconciliation.

  • Assign exception parameters to enhance straight through processing of work.

  • Real-time updates as new documents and data arrive, speeding resolution.


Communications matching
  • Automatically read and match incoming trade documents with associated communications.

  • Viewable history of all comments and revisions.

  • Communication tools including chat and email integration.

  • Audit trail to track and manage disputes.
  • 2024-03-15 - Screenshot 3b - LC General DocumentPatent pending mix of artificial intelligence technologies incorporating pretrained natural language processing (NLP) models, machine learning, and segmentation to digitize document data.

  • Advanced normalization capabilities improving downstream data integration and consumption.

  • Extensive knowledge base of confirmation terms for data transformation, including the ability to infer required data not explicitly stated.


Contract Administrator, Processing

"The constant need for precision on tight deadlines is stressful. Every contract is a high-stakes puzzle, and a single misstep could have huge consequences. But we’ve only got so many hands and so many hours in the day. I wish I had a faster way to make sure everything is correct."

Contract Administrator (Processing)


"I’m always trying to find better ways to do things; new processes or tools that will get us the accuracy and speed we need to keep up in this fast-moving market. How do we jump ahead and leverage AI to get the data we need quickly? And once we had that data, can we automate the reconciliation so teams can save their time for the really big issues?"

Manager, Processing

Risk and Compliance Officer

"The fine line between regulatory compliance and potential penalties keeps me up at night. Balancing trade amounts, certification validity, and intricate regulations is a constant challenge and a relentless fear. I need AI to eliminate the manual entry of data and the errors we are continuously running up against."

Risk and Compliance Officer

IT (VP of Applications/Trading Systems)

"Every decision I make carries the weight of our organization's security and performance. Deciding whether to build or buy technological solutions is a constant dilemma, and the fear of making the wrong call is always there. I wish there was a ready-made solution I could trust."

IT (VP of Applications/Trading Systems)

Head of Operations

"My mission is clear: to scale, expand, and automate. The closer we can get to real-time data and straight-through processes, the better positioned we’ll be to take advantage of opportunities. But I don’t want to sacrifice accuracy for speed — not with these stakes. How can we streamline in the smartest way possible?"

Head of Operations

Solution details


Confirmation Manager Solution Sheet

The process of trading confirmations reconciliation is essential to ensure accurate and timely settlement of trades, and to avoid risks and discrepancies that can result in financial losses or legal disputes.

Oil and Gas Solution Brief

Once digitized, broad automated reconciliation efforts including straight through processing, is achievable, freeing resources to focus on higher value activities, and faster response to the next challenge or opportunity. 
Why the Commodities Industry Must Protect Itself Against Digitalization

Before the Next “Black Swan”: Why the Commodities Industry Must Protect Itself With Digitalization

Companies that embrace digitalization will enjoy not only a competitive advantage, but also far greater resilience.

ClearDox FastTrak

Fast Start, Fast Results – 5 weeks, 25 counterparties

1. Gather. Assess. Define.

2 weeks

  • Process and data workflows
  • Teams impacted
  • Counterparties covered (goals prioritized)
  • What data matters (sample documents)
  • Consume data (normalize  dashboards)
  • Integration
  • Measure impact

2. Design. Adapt/Tune. Validate.

2 weeks

  • Design AI-approach for document pipeline
  • Adapt and tune models, generate and train new models
  • Validate and normalize against commodity semantics knowledge base

3. Activate. Refine. Promote.

1 week

  • Activate solutions, integrate workflows
  • Continuously monitor quality, refine and optimize
  • Promote launch, train team and drive adoption

Next Step: Scale

Scale up – More counterparties / Scale out – New workflows