Quor and ClearDox Announce Partnership to Enhance Commodity Trading Solutions

Quor advances its commodity trading & risk management solution by providing access to ClearDox’s AI-driven solutions for digitizing and automating critical data-intensive processes.

Quor clients can take advantage of more streamlined operations by eliminating manual and duplicate data entry of key data while automating resource intensive reconciliations.

This partnership enhances Quor’s ecosystem of offerings by allowing new and existing clients to take better advantage of the best of breed digitization and automation solutions.

[London, 16 April 24, and Stamford] – Quor, a leading provider of advanced Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solutions, and ClearDox LLC, an innovator in intelligent applications for commodity intensive organizations, today announce their partnership to help organizations close the ‘automation gaps’ across the trading lifecycle. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing the effectiveness and impact of technological investments made by clients.

The ClearDox intelligent applications leverage the latest AI technologies to digitize and automate critical business tasks and assets. They are embedded with operational AI-models for eliminating commodity trade lifecycle gaps such as rekeying and matching inventory movement receipts or the manual reconciliation of complex unstructured trades across counterparties and brokers. The ClearDox applications are highly adaptable and integrate seamlessly into the core workflows within Quor.

“Whether it is addressing data locked in paper documents or dealing with the unsure nature of the quality and timeliness of the data used in making decisions, eliminating manual, disconnected processes is critical. While commodity organizations are increasing their technology spend to drive efficiencies and improve resiliency against an ever-expanding risk profile, most are still struggling.” noted Rick Nelson, CEO, ClearDox LLC

Through this partnership, Quor customers’ will be able to accelerate their adoption while rapidly expand into new automation opportunities within the platform. Given the growing risk complexity and importance of delivering efficiencies and improved cash management, the transformational capability of the combined solution will deliver a greater return for their Quor multi-commodity investment.

"We are thrilled to partner with ClearDox to deliver greater value to our customers. The synergy between our platforms offers a compelling value proposition, empowering traders with unparalleled efficiency and insight throughout the commodity trading lifecycle. We are excited to leverage this partnership to drive innovation and create tangible value to our esteemed customers,” said Steve Hughes, CEO at Quor Group.

About Quor Group
Quor is a leading global provider of CTRM and ETRM solutions to commodity traders and trading companies. Quor’s market leading solutions is supported by a global team of industry practitioners with deep subject matter expertise. Quor is a Chartis Quadrant technology leader for CTRM solutions.

⇒ For more information, please visit www.quorgroup.com.

About ClearDox LLC
ClearDox® allows commodity-intensive businesses to reduce decision risk with better information by digitizing and automating critical data-intensive processes. We offer turnkey SaaS solutions embedded with operational AI-models specific to the commodity trade lifecycle gaps and challenges our clients face.

⇒ For more information, please visit www.cleardox.com.

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